Setting up the new shop

I spent part of the day today setting up the new shop. I'm really having to re-think how I have things set up. At my last house I basically had unlimited space to work with. I sold off all of my big tools before the move. I'll re-aquire some of things I need as I need them. I just need to figure out where they'll go first. 

Power is big thing I'm dealing with currently. Right now, I've only got one 15 amp circuit available to me with no room left in the panel. I can make it work if I get another 20 amp circuit. Looks like a call to the electrician is in my future.

Here's a couple pictures of what I'm working with now. Clearly I have a ways to go in my setup. I'm thinking about setting up a temporary paint area in a free room in the house since I really don't have any available horizontal surfaces to use in the garage yet.