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Mallard Hen Portrait

Close-up shot of my latest mallard hen with wet on wet paint blending.


A break from Mallards

Here's one of the first wood ducks I've done in a few years. After so many mallards this year, this was a ton of fun to paint.


Antique wood duck with carved eyes

Here's a wood duck I've been carving. It's got an antique, east coast style to it. I've done carved eyes in this bird to maintain a classic feel. It's the first decoy I've done with carved eyes. I used a nice piece of old-growth red cedar from Tom Kelly for this one.



A pintail hen with a twist

Here's a pintail hen I did in September for trading competition held at the Columbia Flyway show in Vancouver, WA. In this contest, all the birds are thown into the pool, tested for self righting, and then judged for first second and third as normal. However, after the contest, the winner gets their selection of birds to keep, then second place gets their choice, and so on. I came in 4th place out of 12 or so entries. But this particular contest is about creativity and having some fun.  

It was my first hen pintail, and I was pretty pleased with how it came out. As for the twist, it's a miniature. Also my first (non-caricature) miniature decoy.  I've included a quarter for size reference.



Mallard in the rain

Here's a mallard I put outside so I could look at it from a distance for a few days. This time a year it's pretty rainy here and and I thought it looked good all wet.


A Barrow's Goldeneye

Here's a barrow's goldeneye I carved a few months back.