Poor-man's shaving horse

Here's a "poor-man's" shaving horse I whipped up tonight. This is the true sense of function over form. There is nothing pretty about it, but it doesn't rack at all, and only took me about 30 minutes to complete. It's nothing more than a single 10' 2x10. I cut a 3' section for the seat, 2 2' pieces for the legs, and a piece about 33" for the stretcher to tie it all together. I assembled it with nothing more than 3" deck screws.

I also installed my new hydraulic work holder.

With a simple twist of a knob, I can move a swivel the decoy 360 degrees or move it up and down from 90 to 180 degrees. This is the perfect holder for using traditional hand tools such as a drawknife, spokeshave, rasps and files. Here's a couple pictures to give you an idea of just how positionable the work-piece is.

I've wanted something like this for the longest time. It's a far sight better than what I was previously using.

I've been getting by on this vise for so long now I have to wonder why I waited so long to upgrade.